Add the “Worker Security” report to the Worker Profile Page

Do you have to troubleshoot Workday security and access issues? Then adding the Workday-delivered “Worker Security” report to the Worker Profile will give you a convenient go-to resource within a few button-clicks that will save you time and frustration.

If this was not set-up during the Workday implementation, don’t worry, it is easy to deploy this in production. With proper Workday Security Access for configuration, in the Workday Search bar, select the “Configure Profile Group” Task. In the “Configure Profile Group” pop-up Window, type “Job” and hit Enter. From the displayed Profile Group list, select the “Job for Worker Profile” group and click “Ok”. The “Job for Worker Profile” group can now be configured to meet any requirements, and in this case, go ahead and add the “Worker Security” to the list of Reports and click “Ok”.

If the Worker Security report isn’t already available in your tenant, you can duplicate it from one of the Shared Demonstration Tenants for Community Users that Workday provides for free when already paying for a Workday subscription license. Best Practice is to limit the sharing of this report by configuring the “Share” tab on the report definition to “Share with specific authorized groups and users” such as the “Security Administrator” and the “Security Partner”.

In looking at the detail of the Worker Security report, ALL the security groups for a specific worker are listed by type and organizational roles which include:
– Workday Account
– Workday-Owned Security Groups
– User-Based Security Groups
– Job-Based Security Groups
– Rule-Based Security Groups
– Intersection Security Groups
– Aggregation Security Groups
– Organization Roles
– Organization Role Assignments

We will do a deeper dive into each of these security groups on upcoming #WorkdayProTips, so be sure to follow me on Linkedin here.



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